Google Page Rank update ?

There hasn?t been a Google Page rank update since late December 2004 and some started to believe that Google would implement some of their new patent factors in their algorithm before.
This morning, Friday April 22, 2005 at 8H00AM EST the Google toolbar started showing different results on most websites. The information was verified by querying multiple data center. For information the following are Google data centers? IP?s:

Although one can not tell for sure if these will be final values it is very likely that a website?s PR will be set to this morning?s new toolbar value. It is also too early to talk about surprises (good or bad) but this morning?s values would indicate that a few companies very actively working for outstanding pagerank (PR 8 and more) could be very disappointed so far.
The Page Rank system is used by Google to help determine a page/domain importance and was created by Larry Page and Sergei Brin while they were still students at Stanford University (California) and the PR value is one of the factors search engine Google uses to determine ranking results. Even though the toolbar reports ?a? page rank, it is important to say that Google?s internal page rank is not limited to simple factor of 0 to 10 and is far more complicated, but the more the better.
Also, this morning there was no indication Google directory page rank update but a back link update is happening.
We will have to wait a few days to confirm this update and current PR values.

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