Major Google update: Bourbon

The new Google update has a name, Bourbon, and comes in 3.5 separate packages according to GoogleGuy, one of the search engine?s employees. It all started as a usual monthly backlink update a few days ago, some data centers would show significant changes in the search engine result pages (SERP), then pagerank displayed by the Google toolbar got blacked out. Nothing serious, it has happened in the past already Google said.
As time passed by more significant changes would occur last week and it appears that a major update is going on, code name is Bourbon and this kind of drink seems to be hard to swallow for some webmasters.

This algorithm update would come in 3.5 packages, the two first binaries are dedicated to clean up the SERP, getting rid of spam and other scrappers type of websites while the 0.5 would be an adjustment for CJK languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).
The 2.5 packages implemented to date have shown some volatility in the ranking for various keywords and multiple website seem to finally see their sandbox, a Google specific type of penalty applied by Google to young websites, being lifted.
A discussion thread started on webmasterworld, featuring the now famous GoogleGuy, would indicate that the Bourbon update would affect mostly websites running adsenses generating large revenues from fairly competitive keywords.
The truth is that a lot of websites used heavy (and far too easy for search engines to recognize) SEO and poor content quality in addition to Google?s ad sense program to generate income which of course should be somehow penalized. As for each update it is likely that some nice quality sites will suffer from those changes too.

The upcoming third package will go live sometime in the beginning of this week and still is a mystery to all of us, we do not have any information about this one whether if it is just a simple filter to be applied, a part of the new Google patent being implemented or another clean up in the SERP involving potentially a human review on some highly competitive search terms. Rankings should slightly move and offer minor changes due to Bourbon afterwards for a few weeks according to Google?s representative. Webmasters, online marketers, search engine optimization professionals are impatient (and probably worried) waiting for this last Bourbon package to be implemented.

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