Traffic moving towards MSN maps and direction services

MSN’s new maps and direction feature named virtual earth was launched a couple of weeks ago, competing with Google maps on the exact same market segment. The software giant’s portal could expect a large audience from launching day. Still, market analysts were not anticipating recent Nielsen/Netrating market research. Virtual earth, reports Nielsen research, was the #1 growing week to week traffic over the past 2 weeks, garnering an astonishing unique audience traffic increase of 175% for home internet users and 71% for work online searchers.

Satellite maps is a captivating feature for online audience, people want to visualize known places from an unfamiliar perspective. The newest satellite imagery technologies provide sharp accurate views and keep improving online experience.

Microsoft�s maps and direction service was given a combined weekly unique audience of over 2.7 million visitors versus 5.2 millions for Google maps for the last week of July. However Google was receiving a very slight traffic decrease over the same period if compared to its usual traffic range which confirms MSN�s smart moves towards investing in this new market segment.

Search engines are developing the next step in local search, helping online searchers finding answers to their �neighborhood� queries. First years of search enhancements have rapidly emphasized search marketing globalization and forgot local consumers. The �near me� tool displaying alternative results for local searchers on MSN search engine was an interesting improvement in that direction. In the meantime Google launched a new beta engine dedicated to finding local businesses and services in your area.

Google�s experience in rendering accurate search engines results for a given query is successfully applied in local search marketing while enhanced by a useful and crystal clear satellite imagery feature gives the leading search engine a serious advantage. Nevertheless MSN search recent SERP (search engine result pages) improvements and probably tens of millions of dollar invested in a built from scratch search engine would show a constant traffic growth over competitors Google and Yahoo.

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