Jagger update part 2

Second phase of the Jagger Google update went out yesterday October 26 and new organic results can be witnessed on the following datacenter:
This time the Mountain View Company seems to have fixed a few bugs including the now famous MSN pagerank 2.

As for our first observations there seems to be a major recount of pages indexed, some have also mentioned Google recounting backlinks but we could not find any evidence so far. The search engine crawling software named Googlebot was eating up bandwidth recently; multiple deep crawls were made on most popular sites within the past few weeks.
The objective overall is likely to clean up the index and eventually eradicate supplemental results which appeared to be a common problem all across the webmaster community. The DC (datacenter) mentioned above didn?t show any extra (supplemental) results for the few test queries we?ve made.

Jagger 2 results are not as astonishing as for Jagger 1, some websites have recovered but highly ranked websites for very competitive terms have usually lost a lot of their traffic.
Update is not over and it is not our call to name SERP relevant or not, however Jagger 2 seems to display somehow more quality websites.

While Jagger part 3 is scheduled to be sent out around Wednesday, next week, and will bring as always its set of ranking fluctuations, its goal will be to fix canonical URL?s and 302 hijack issues.

The current update could also prepare for a future major index size increase. These are strategic times for Search engine Google, closely followed by MSN and Yahoo search, when it comes to relevancy.

Even though this update is taking a long time, this is not the first time such algorithm change happens. From experience, a lot of so-called white hat type of websites should retrieve close to their previous rankings a month from now or so.
Google cleaning up their index and fixing bugs overall is a good thing. Obviously, the load of glitches and mistakes during each major update is unlikely to satisfy some website owner?s wallets but search engines do not do case per case reviews. If your website was unfortunately ?missed?, unfairly penalized or simply does not appear in Google anymore, you should ask for re-inclusion request at http://www.google.com/support/bin/request.py .

Also, in order to protect our clients, friends or simply to help provide relevant results, we constantly report misbehaving websites to search engines, so if you see one of your competitors using black hat techniques such as cloaking, hidden text, or others you should report them to http://www.google.com/contact/spamreport.html (currently using keyword ?jagger1? or ?jagger2? in the body of the message) for Google.
The same service is available on Yahoo at http://add.yahoo.com/fast/help/us/ysearch/cgi_reportsearchspam or on MSN search by clicking the ?feedback? hyperlink on the bottom of search results.

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