FFA link farms marketing

The FFA marketing, also called link farms involves using free-for-all pages to promote your site.
In the early hours of the link popularity, the technique was to ad your link to the many sites containing guest books. Links from those pages are given a very little value by the search engines.
Free For All pages are automated directories to which you can add a link.
Since you will have to provide your email address you will usually get a lot of spam.

Link farms may harm your site

Lot of e-marketers are trying to demonstrate whether it hurts or not a ranking. Well, in fact submitting to FFA won't hurt your business, if it would your competitors would submit your site right away and you could assassinate your competition with ease. So in that case it won't hurt, and it won't help.

If you are very actively using this technique or link to such pages from your own website or host a link farm on your pages, it is likely that most search engines using link popularity in their algorithm will penalize you.

Conclusion of a dangerous Strategy

The bottom line is that FFA - link farms are a waste of time and will always be, that most products or services offering 100,000 submissions or more are a waste of money. You should be concentrating on professional marketing methods that may take more time but work - assuming that your goal is to make (more) money online.

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Do not use link farms (FFA) for you link popularity campaign


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