Major search engines

Our listing includes the major search engines from the internet user usage. In fact for the online merchant, they are the ones that provide their traffic. SEO, Search engine positioning is the process of matching one website's content and code to those major players on the market.

Google -

This engine provides an outstanding relevancy that comes along with a comprehensive coverage.
It provides even more than WebPages: images, excel files, PowerPoint presentations and more can be easily found through a simple and easy to use interface. You can seek for news, discussion groups, street maps with an excellent response time.
Originally, Google was a Stanford University project by students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. By 1998, the project jumped off campus and became a private company.

Yahoo -

When launched in 1994, Yahoo was a directory only and it's only in 2002 that it shifted to a crawler based search engine using Google's technology. In 2003 Yahoo bought Inktomi but decided not to use it for its own ranking and indexing mechanism when the decision was made in early 2004 to go without Google's technology.
In addition to excellent search results, you can use tabs above the search box on the Yahoo home page to seek images, Yellow Page listings or use Yahoo's excellent shopping search engine. The humanly compiled directory still remains but doesn't bring the same traffic anymore.
This engine provides now its own paid listing since it purchased Overture.


The service was previously powered by LookSmart results and is in transition. Since the beginning of the internet MSN search is a major search engine.
MSN is developing its own crawler-based technology and planning other changes that have been long-awaited, in later this year, 2004. A preview of the new MSN search is available online. We bet that this new tool will give some competition to the other major players on this market.
For now, the main listing on MSN is provided by Yahoo and Inktomi.

Altavista -

Now a business of Overture previously bought by Yahoo! AltaVista continues to serve the internet users with a good relevancy. AltaVista delivered the first index of the internet in early 1995 and had a long history of technical innovations including : the first multimedia search capability and the first multilingual search and results. Scientists at Digital Equipment Corporation's Research lab in Palo Alto, CA, in the spring of 1995 are at the origin or AltaVista. That engine was famous for indexing the largest number of websites on the internet

There are many other Search engines and metacrawlers, special interest sites than those major search engines, they will in specific case drive a very targeted traffic but won't compete with those described above. An ambitious search engine positioning marketing campaign should focus on those major search engines.

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