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What is Stepmiles SEM - Search engine marketing services main focus?

We offer a collection of the industry leading SEO and search engine marketing solutions to Fortune 500 corporations seeking international website visibility and to small and medium businesses whiling to advertise online for local prospects:

Search Engine positioning service

We apply the world's leading search engine positioning solutions and best practice integration methods to set online businesses for success in search engine marketing. Whether your organization is a Fortune 500 to a small firm we tailor our services to your specific needs for maximum results. Our experts utilize the best resources and up-to date techniques and tools available on the market today. competencies :

SEO firm services : Monthly maintenance and Ranking reports

Whether your site was optimized by us or another expert, our SEO firm services maintain it for you on a monthly basis. This service also includes ranking reports and suggestions for improvements when necessary.
Pay per click (PPC) bid management
Stepmiles SEO services provide you a solution to an economical and effective Pay Per Click search engine marketing campaigns on Google, Overture, Findwhat, etc. Stepmiles helps you successfully launch and maintain your campaigns. The result – you maximized your ROI and saved time and money. Competencies:

Check out our PPC ROI Calculator made to help you calculate your PPC return on investment, clicks, conversion rate, cost per conversion and much more.

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Online Marketing Plan & Strategy Development services

Perhaps you need us to work with you on your online marketing plan. We can either fully develop it for you or help you develop parts of it for a consulting fee. Since our experts come from online as well as traditional marketing background, we can supply you with a team of experts who can help you develop your business plan. Our traditional, SEO and search engine marketing services are affordable and will save you thousands, or millions of dollars on fruitless promotions.

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