How to submit to directories

A good reason to submit your site to the major directories is that you are getting a better chance to rank higher on the search engines. How come ? For example Google will crawl the Open Directory ( ODP, also called DMOZ) listing result - if you are indexed by ODP, you will be indexed by Google.

Get listed in Yahoo! and the Open Directory

The directory submission, unlike the search engine submission is reviewed by human beings that will examine closely your website, they are called the editors. Because of the human factor it is harder to get listed in Internet directories than to get indexed by search engines. There can be a variety of reasons why Internet directories won't list your web site.

The main rule is probably to submit only when your website is finished. It seems to be trivial but most webmasters are so excited by their work that they want to show it to other even when it is still in construction. The editors should access your site when it is ready, make sure that no link is broken and that your pages are loading fast. Remember that even a paid submission, in most case, won't guarantee an inclusion.

Submit to the proper category

This task may be sometimes fastidious and time consuming but submitting to the right category is a necessary effort. You must drill down even all the subcategories to find out where your site fits the best.

Most directories are very specific. They list only web sites that fit their topic or geopraphic region. Even the major general directories are very meticulous. When you are a local store and sell post cards in south-west Florida, just don't try to show up as a internet service provider in California.

Title and Description are important

Here is a problem that may cost you greatly. As state above, submission to directories is a human reviewed business. Do not try to over-stuff your description with caps and advertisement. On the contrary,you are a little modest and objective in your description and the title of your business is the real one, you probably have all the chances to be included.

We suggest that you read very carefully the guidelines of each directory you want to submit, here are direct links to Yahoo! and ODP :

Your website has a professional look and you have followed very cautiously the guidelines but your submission to those directories shows no result after 4 weeks, you must ask the editor of the appropriate category before resubmitting. The reason why your web site is not included is that the editors did not have time to review it. You may re-submit until they include your site or give a clear reason, usually by email, to explain their decision.

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