ROI Calculator

This tool, the ROI calculator determines your return on investment based on a pay-per-click campaign. Detailed information about how to use this tool and the input information required are at the bottom of the page.

Stepmiles ROI Calculator
Enter the following data to see your ROI:
Total monthly clicks from PPC engine (Overture, Google, etc)   The number of clicks comes from your activity report.
Estimated average CPC:   The number of clicks comes from your activity report. (ex: $.25 type .25)
Conversion rate:   This number is based on your own results.
  the average profit you make from each conversion.
Average profit per conversion:  
The Results
Monthly Campaign cost =    
Number of conversions from traffic =    
Projected profit from traffic =   net of advertising expense
PPC ROI =    

Automatic recalculation 

If you want this ROI calculator for pay per click campaigns on your website for free, yes free - Please feel free to contact us to know about the terms and conditions of this offer.

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