City council elections

Using social media to help voters make the best choice for their community

A prominent CEO and community leader

Tools and platforms

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Display networks, YouTube


A prominent CEO and community leader is running in an election for a local government official seat.
In this affluent locality, voters are often subject to digital messages, including such with various political motivations, designed to shape their opinions.

  • SEM
  • Social
  • Video


The target audience is relatively small, lacks information or is often misinformed on the matter.

The main opponent is supported by a well-funded special interest group that opposes a commercial project which competes with theirs and is constantly advertising opposing viewpoints.

Voter demographics indicates an aging population which is not typically associated with favorable outcomes for marketers.

The campaign must be designed to deliver only positive and authentic messages which are in the community’s best interest and are based on verifiable facts.

Opponents designed their campaign around misinformation, fear and self-interest.

The strategy

The team researched multiple avenues and determined that micro-targeting the audience on Facebook would be the key driver of effective message delivery to the vast majority of voters.

Stepmiles also identified search patterns and interests that allowed for remarketing opportunities on the Social Media network.

The team coordinated with the candidate to create a complete digital profile, centered around Facebook’s targeting abilities, to deliver focused messages over time.

Based on our research, we were able to determine the video message length, hours of the day, and days of the week that triggered the most engagement among the micro-targeted audience. This was combined with other coordinated digital operations in order to maximize reach, message sharing and overall efficiency.

The results

  • Created a supportive community for the candidate
  • Maximized engagement (shares, likes and feedback) among the target audience
  • Helped optimize the message which resulted in the candidate being elected, despite the initial negative forecast and the fact that this was his first political campaign.

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