Tech + Marketing tools

Estimate the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns and find out if you or your competitors security tech is in line with best practices.

Cost per thousand

Determine the return on investment of your Cost Per Thousand (CPM) ad campaigns.

Ad revenue goal

Define with precision the target budget and revenue of your digital ad campaigns.

Cost per click

Calculate the return on investment of your SEM or Social Media PPC campaigns based on cost per click and profits.

Direct mail

Cost effectiveness of your direct mail marketing campaigns.

Domain infrastructure

Collect competitors domain infrastructure information, including web, mail servers, geolocation, IP, subnets and other related information

SSL configuration

Establish a remote connection to any SSL certificate to test against potential issues and vulnerabilities.

Certificate chain

Get the entire SSL certificate chain information of a domain, from root to end-user data.

Domain reputation

Domain reputation score based on multiple parameters from WHOIS and DNS records to malware tracking databases.

Connected domains

Retrieve competitors' connected domain names or review what others can detect from your own domain setup.

Malware check

Identify malicious domains from data collected through trusted sources such as Google's Safe Browsing database.