Reputation management

Improve customer experience through timely response and engagement.

Not just a tool but a solid strategy for today's always-on digital operations

Create, repair and maintain your reputation.

Today’s consumers are always-on: searching, commenting and reviewing products, 24/7 on multiple devices, across many platforms. To stay on top of customer feedback, brands too are challenged to implementing an always-on status of their digital operations. But responding one-on-one to customers, 24/7, is not always efficient and requires a solid strategy. Stepmiles will guide your team in adopting custom strategies designed to tackle your organization’s unique reputation challenges.
Through a sentiment analysis and insights from your customers’ social media reviews and star ratings, we’ll identify opportunities for improving your reputation. Boosting your ratings will not only enhance your customers’ experiences but also drive organic visibility, visitor traffic and additional revenue due to Google’s algorithm incorporating customer ratings and social signals when evaluating which businesses to surface on its SERPs.

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Amplify positive feedback

To take control of your reputation, your business must manage every key touch point along your customers’ journeys. Improving your CX and engagement with reviewers will demonstrate your high commitment to service quality and boost your positive ratings. To further boost your positive reputation, Stepmiles will train your team to strategically deter negative feedback.
With a strategic approach, your positive ratings and social engagement will influence Google in ranking your business in the top three local search results and your customer review snippets will become visible to your audience. As customers find and interact with your endorsed content, more positive reviews and conversions will follow.

Improve response rate and engagement

How and when you respond to customer reviews are also essential aspects of your reputation management strategy. Timing is key, especially when addressing negative feedback. If complaints are left unanswered, customers will interpret that as you not caring about their issues, and more negative feedback will follow. Take a systematic approach to responding to customer reviews. Stepmiles will provide you with a solid strategy and roadmap for staying alert and intelligently responding to diverse customer feedback scenarios. We’ll ensure the proper implementation of privacy, industry regulations, and best practices.
Our onboarding and training sessions are designed to equip and get your cross-functional teams ready to stay on top of customer feedback and to generate more representative ratings that impact your digital operations.

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Core competencies

Get the ultimate tool and learn how to grow your audience and build an online business.
  • Strategies and tactics for influencing Reputation
  • Custom KPIs development for Reputation
  • Negative feedback repair recommendations
  • Active monitoring and reporting of Reputation
  • Response scenarios creation & implementation
  • Sync efforts with SEO, SEM and Social Media
  • Process Integration & Transfer of Competence
  • Sentiment analysis and reporting

What operational weaknesses do your customer ratings reveal?

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