Luxury shopping center

Driving in-store purchases through Social Media

Internationally renown shopping center

Tools and platforms

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube, InstaGram


Our client is an internationally renowned luxury shopping center and a top destination for fashionistas and celebrities.
Many of the fashion and high-end brand audiences are active on Social Media. These high income, high net worth audiences are also very sought after by advertisers.

  • Social
  • SEM
  • Business Intelligence

The challenge

In the age of e-commerce dominance, most brick and mortar retailers struggle to get users from a mobile app photo or video to drive/fly to a destination, such as a shopping center, to make in-store purchases.

Many of the products, exclusive offers and services (i.e. fashion consulting) by the shopping center retailers are not available for purchase online.

Historically, it has been challenging for the client to turn online purchase intent into actual in-store purchase and that would help the individual stores show in-store added value vs the ecommerce channel.

In this specific context, the correlation between social media engagement and actual sales is challenging, and meaningful sets of key performance indicators must be defined.

Our client wants to leverage this most coveted audience with a long-term impact on sales.

The strategy

Stepmiles crafted a combination of organic and paid tactics while developing an organic community that amplifies messages organically (by sharing content) and translates into actual sales onsite.

Based on research and data collection, Facebook and Instagram were identified as best suited to deliver the expected outcome while other networks were disregarded, with no negative impact on the overall objectives.

Our team created custom audiences, asset specifications and schedules, targeting prospective customers who had the potential of also becoming brand advocates.

Multiple audience segments based on interests and behavior were cross-referred with baseline metrics, such as cost per engagement. The outcome was matched with related organic posts to determine how these posts would be augmented with advertising opportunities.

The results

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