Choosing an SEO firm

When looking for an SEO firm, search engine optimization service you often come across companies and consultants claiming that they will rank your website higher by using dubious tricks, those are myths or dangerous behaviors and we have decided to rank the most popular of them in this top five.
Is using unethical tips or tricks the real problem? Obviously not, we recommend to follow the search engines guidelines but the overall goal is to have a competitive advantage. The real problem here is that some SEO firms, implementing unethical solutions are at least a waste of time and money and in some cases they may put your business at stake. On a regular basis, major search engines penalize and even exclude websites from their index.

1- Keyword stuffing and submission spamming

This one is probably the most famous and we still see a lot of this from previous so-called SEO work on our clients websites. Stuffing pages with keywords in tiny text, barely visible to the user to fool the search engines just generally does not work. You could be penalized for that while so much other techniques are available to help you rank high.
Over submitting falls in the same category, submitting all your pages everyday or multiple times per day won't make your site being indexed faster.

2- Invisible text

It is always a struggle to keep a good balance between graphic design and SEO. Web designers like what is beautiful, well we appreciate their work but unfortunately embedding text in images and flash movies do not feed search engines spiders. Some designers decided to write a keyword rich text in the same color as the background of the page to compensate. This text is invisible to the user but spiders can read it. Using this trick you are on your way to get dropped, just don't do it.

3- Cloaking pages and SEO firm

The term cloaking is used when a server is set to return different content to the search engine than it returns to regular users. This technique is probably the only really effective but you are taking another chance to put your business at stake if you get caught. Avoid by any mean working with an SEO firm using those methods. Your competitors usually make sure that you get caught !

4- Doorway and Hallway pages

Doorway also called Hallway or pointer or splash pages are designed usually with frequent repetition of the keyword phrase, and try to "trick" search engines into ranking them well then they redirect the real user to another page. There are still a lot of SEO firm utilizing these methods, be aware when you are making your choice.

5-  SEO firms optimizing for related but non relevant keywords

We have chosen to add this tactic in our ranking not because it is dangerous, not at all, but it is so much time and money wasted that it deserves some attention.
Here is the deal: you are on a competitive market and you sell "blue widget" and your website receives a large amount of traffic looking for widgets but "green widgets". the green widget search term is much less competitive, it's easier to find your way in the search engine organic result page. The SEO firm can come up and tell you that your sites gets a lot of traffic, that is ok, but it is very unlikely that those visitors will ever convert into sales.

There are much more not ethical SEO firm behavior but it is not necessary to make a top 100. Stepmiles, Inc never needed to use those dangerous budget-looser type of techniques. We believe in an ethical search engine optimization for a long term relationship with our clients and partners. We follow the search engines SEO guidelines and protect your investment. Feel free to give us a call or contact our SEO consultant if you want to be sure about your actual website, we will answer you at no charge and with no obligation.

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Choosing an SEO firm

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