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The fact is that Ethical SEO is not a simple task to accomplish but a full and complex marketing process. When you are seeking high rankings on major search engines for a very competitive keyword, the process of optimization may take a few months due to the long time indexing cycle. We understand the frustration of not being ranked or even indexed by Google, Yahoo or MSN and it is unfortunately often that some search engine optimization firms take advantage of the situation.

Since the creation of our SEO firm, we have stated that our clients will have the best result and take NO risk for their business.

Use only ethical SEO firms

When choosing an SEO firm that is using unethical techniques you put your business in jeopardy. This involves the continued use of any technology or procedure that is known to result or simply may result in having the client site removed from search engine indexes or directories, or rendered inoperative.
Stepmiles do not and will never use any practice that may get your website banned or penalized. The following are some of the practices that you should avoid if you value the life of your website:

There are so many dangerous behavior that we could not list them all on this page but we should probably add to this list a new trend in search engine optimization firms which is optimizing your website only on obscure, long keyword phrases. Those won't drive any targeted traffic if they even drive any traffic to your site.

Stepmiles commitment for Ethical SEO

All the techniques stated above are known to be at very high risks for all websites. For all of our customers we will provide the following ethical services:

By choosing an SEO firm or not you may sanction life or death to your online marketing campaigns, choosing between ethical or not methods. We believe in long term, fruitful relationships with our clients and partners therefore we would never put any business in jeopardy.

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