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In order to check if you reached your internet goals, it's essential to pull out a search engine ranking report on regular basis. Your positions will be determined on several major search engines so you can track the effectiveness of your search engine marketing campaigns in real time.

Most companies use a range of 2 to 5 very effective keywords in term of conversion rate. Choosing too few or too many keywords isn't usually very effective. You should use keywords that are relevant to your online business and for which you trying to get a top ranking in the search engines result pages. please note that :

  • We will use search engine friendly rank checking techniques
  • Only 1 request per URL will be accepted
  • Our ranking report will include the position(s) of your website on the 3 first pages of major search engines
  • Adult, gambling, Multi-level-marketing websites will not be accepted
  • This report is 100% free, no engagement.

Your search ranking report will be sent to you by our SEO firm within 1 business day.

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