Improve your Click Through Rate (CTR)

Now that you've defined your PPC universe, now that you know what keyword to bid on, you've measured your target audience, what will improve your click through rate, what will persuade the searcher to click on your ad? Is bidding more than your competitors to appear on the very top of the page the only solution to make the internet user come to your site?

You should probably keep in mind that the CTR won't be your ultimate goal. To increase your leads or sales, whatever is your product or service - you should write a copy that will attract a qualified traffic.

Internet advertising for buyers, not click through rate only for visitors

To appeal your target market you should write a different ad listing for each keyword. Copywriting strategies for paid placement are a time consuming business, so if you are going for hundreds, if not thousands of search terms you can associate them in sub-campaigns. You will find easier to track a few groups of different campaigns instead of a thousands of keywords.

Just like the offline marketing campaigns there is always this temptation to talk about ourselves - We have the best product on the market, our outstanding experience will provide you with the best service ever... Whatever, talk to your customers, don't talk about yourself. Online searchers are not interested directly in you, they want to see what is their benefit in clicking your ad - What do you have to propose.

Improve Click through rate with incentives

To prevent the prospects to go on shopping around, offer an incentive. There is something about the internet shoppers : they love good deals and free stuff. An ad that shows a 10 % discount, a $5 off, a buy 1 and get 1 for free - all are very powerfull successful guns.

Here's a tactic that doesn't apply to traditional marketing, but is important in search engine advertising: to include your keywords in your ads will multiply your click through rate. If you haven't noticed yet, make a simple search on MSN or Google and take a look at the sponsored links - If the advertisers are using the search term in their ad, they appear in bold. This is a great copywriting tip to improve your click through rate and beat your competitors with a smaller budget.

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