Improve Google Pagerank

Each page of a website has a value for Google and its a linking strategy that will improve your pagerank. How your internal links are structured will influence this factor, as will the inbound links pointing to your pages.
Even though the PR of an individual page is important, the goal should be to improve the total page rank value of your site. Getting more incoming links that point to your site and adding new pages to your site.

Google pagerank explained

PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be. It matters because it is one of the factors that determine a page's ranking in the search results and that online visitors tend to trust more a high pagerank site.
Let’s say that when a site is fully optimized, the only factor to be improved will be the Page Rank which goes with improving the link popularity.
The better ranked is a voting page to your site, the more point added to your page rank.

The Google PageRank equation

The Google page rank equation isn't anymore a secret. We have decided to show you an example of pagerank calculation:

Google Pagerank

We can observe that the pagerank values for individual pages and that the value of an inbound link is at most 0.85 X - this figure is called the dumping factor and varies from an algorithm to another. Its original PR and is diluted in the number of other links on the page. We may conclude that an incoming link from a PR7 is far more powerful than one from a PR4, but if the page rank 7 contains 1000's of outgoing links, the PR4 may carry more value for your website.

The right way to improve your Page Rank

As you have figured out the Page Rank is about the number of inbound links to you and their original rank. So is it right to think that from a purely PageRank point of view, one might think you should simply look for pages that have the highest value in Google's index and try to exchange links?. If
This way of thinking is more or less incorrect. While the number of imcoming links to your site is a very important factor, Google gives also importance to the relevancy of links.
Too many webmasters and website owners tried to inflate artificially their pagerank for higher ranks. The quality of the sites you decide to partner with will be another factor you will have to look closely. Fortunately the pagerank, as shown in the Google toolbar is not all, otherwise any site with a PR 8 or 9 could be ranked for any keyword.

Is the Google pagerank really the issue ?

The PR of a web page shouldn't be the determining factor when choosing link partners. A link partner with a low Page Rank that has a similar topic like your site will bring you much better visitors and relevance for the search engine and improve your ranking than an unrelated link partner with a high PageRank.

If you want to improve your Google pagerank and you see a good web site with good content that has a low PageRank you should trade links with that site if that web site is useful for your visitors. One day, that page might have a higher PageRank and it will still link back to you. Stepmiles SEO firm services focuses on building pagerank but overall building relationships with industry related websites whish results not only in the most relevant traffic for your business but also in a better search engine ranking for your chosen keywords.

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