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A growing number of search engines use link popularity in their ranking service criterion. Google is known to use it as very important factor but MSN, AltaVista, Inktomi, HotBot and others use link popularity in their formulae and services too.
Link popularity becomes so important that on a very competitive market it is required to develop a linking campaign in addition to the on site SEO optimization for search engines.
The idea behind this concept is simple. The more other Web sites link to your Web site, the more important your site must be to the user.

The most popular search engines have built in indicators on their tool bars that will give you a visual indication of the link popularity of a page. These indicators are an approximate and even though our SEO firm uses different means for its services, they are a good indication for non search engine marketing specialists. You should not pay too much attention to these Google or Yahoo toolbar indications, they are only approximates of the importance of a page – instead, use our services and advice to increase your link popularity.

Link popularity service: top rankings

Your link popularity is based on the sites linking to your pages. No, not only the number of sites that link to your pages – but the relevance of these sites to yours, the quality of the link's text are more likely to boost your results.
Not all links are considered equal by the search engines. It does matter who links to you and what the text is being used to do so.
This service is a fantastic opportunity to:

Getting links from popular web pages is by far more effective than getting links from a small or unknown web site - If your linking partner is already well ranked and popular while industry related - his link will weight greatly.

The importance of link popularity

With the dominance of Google, Yahoo and now the new MSN search engines, all using link popularity as a ranking factor for a website many marketers try to get as many links to their web site as possible.

Not all websites deliver good links for your popularity campaign.

The best practice is probably to ignore the existence of the search engines when you build links to your web site. To focus only on the Google page rank for example isn't the right tactic. Search engine algorithms today are smart, they not only count the number of links to your site but also their relevance.
So when you see a good web site with good industry-related content you may want to start a link exchange relationship with it because it is good for your visitors and search engines algorithms are seeking websites that have good information for their public. By the way, any website with fresh quality content may become a major player on its market tomorrow and if you've started a partnership with it long ago your website benefits from this high ranked (and page ranked) site that still links back to you.

Search engines attempt on planting human common sense into mathematical formulae in their search engine algorithms. So you need to work on link popularity campaigns to reach better rankings but you have to do it right. Stepmiles’ link popularity service is seeking highly relevant and/or page rank important websites that will help your business climb in Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. We do not use any unethical techniques to artificially inflate our clients’ website visibility because doing so will put your online business in jeopardy.

Improve SEO and website visibility with our popularity service

If a site links to your competition, it may be willing to link to you, too. We are using unsurpassed techniques to find out who links to competing sites and then have them link to yours too. In some cases, the links will be link-exchange links and depending on the budget and the level of competitiveness of a market the SEO firm Stepmiles may recommend placing text link ads on carefully chosen partner websites. In many cases, these are sites providing useful information to their readers. If your competitors’ sites are useful, and yours is too, you will have a better chance of being listed there also. As part of our ethical SEO firm services, the state of the art link popularity service provides quality links for long terms high ranking.

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