Misspelling keywords

How can we recommend misspelling keywords, what kind of search engine marketing is that? In fact a large number of searchers misspell words or search terms and SEO firms can take advantage of it. however, marketers should make sure that this is worth the effort.
The idea here is to find what are those terms that you could use for search engine optimization and pay per click advertising facing less competition.

Is misspelling a good strategy ?

Some misspelled keywords generate an extremely important number of searches per day. When optimizing your website an SEO firm should look into those terms in your industry that could be used to drive a large amount of traffic quickly because facing less competitors. A good search engine marketing professional will have the same reflex when it comes to strategize a pay per click campaign. As far as search engine optimization, those key phrases or words should not appear very clearly to the visitor browsing your website. A corporate website featuring large mistakes on the home page would rather be avoided by most users.

Search engines spell suggest

Most search engines will now suggest the right keyword. This will probably affect a large part of the expected traffic. Before investing your marketing dollars with an SEO firm optimizing your site for commonly industry related keywords you may want to double check if it is worth the time and the money spent. Many of the keyword generation services will propose a list of misspelled terms. The number of searches for each terms is mostly not very accurate as is. You might want to test the query frequency of each word. A good method is to launch a test pay per click campaign on major search engines.

Facts and directions for misspelled keywords

A majority of search engine users are not English professors but still are valuable and respected prospects. Google, MSN and Yahoo will deliver the closest match to a query, always. But it is very likely that grammatical errors could downgrade the whole value of a site in their algorithm. The average internet user will find very trivial that a famous corporation has a mistyped keyword on its front page.

As a conclusion bidding on misspelled keywords could be worth the money for a pay per click campaign. The average bid on such keywords is much lower and it does not affect the overall quality of a website. The case of SEO firms is different, they need first to ensure that there is a real potential and that their optimization will not affect the "corporate identity". Therefore SEO's sometimes use commonly misspelled keywords in their meta-tags which are read by search engines only.

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