Pay per click bid management

The PPC advertising is a targeted, affordable and successful online strategy. Stepmiles offers a scalable and cost effective pay per click bid management service. These solutions should be fully explored, while also dedicating to SEO, before spending money in other methods that are less targeted, less controllable and more expensive.

When run properly, the PPC Bid Management provides a simple and straightforward online marketing ROI analysis. Unlike most other market strategies this one allows you to closely track the effectiveness of each individual keyword at each minute of the day as well as the effectiveness of each creative copywriting.
The successful strategy will quickly turn your online marketing campaign into a ROI based killer weapon.

Why use Stepmiles to manage your PPC campaign?

Managing a pay per click bid campaign can be incredibly time consuming and expensive, especially for those who are new to this kind of advertising opportunity. For a non expert the process of selecting each keyword, choosing the appropriate bid amounts, match types, positions, urls, as well as writing each copy ad, can easily turn into a full time job and could cost you a fortune. A successful PPC campaign also requires efficiency in conducting a competitive analysis, monitoring and re-adjustment bid amounts or even changing strategies for certain campaign groups.
Let the experts save you valuable resources:  Stepmiles will set-up and run an effective PPC campaign for you in an efficient manner. If you choose to manage the campaign yourself, we can help you in the initial set up and provide you with our expert tips.
Applying methods similar to the ones we use for our successful search engine optimization and search engine positioning strategy, Stepmiles will target the right market so you do not deplete your entire budget on inappropriate traffic to your website.
We will run a complete competitive analysis and you will quickly learn which competitors are to be left alone and which ones are to go after. Our copywriting tips will also dramatically improve your click through rate (CTR).

Pay per click bid management, an alternative to SEO

The online advertising effort today is unarguably shared by two major marketing strategies : Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine positioning - Optimization (SEO).

Most internet users (up to 80%) use search engines to find information and products online - in an effort to capture these potential customers through online advertising, marketing professionals are faced with the two strategies.
The advantage of PPC is that it guarantees an exact ranking and a more predictable traffic. This strategy also offers an immediate position, determined by the bid amount, while SEO is a process that may take up to a few month to be completed and bring results.

Pay per click advertising is a good alternative to SEO when the advertiser does not want to simply sit and wait for the results. For most businesses, the best strategy for promoting online is using both PPC and SEO. Considering the increasing price of competitive keywords and your budget, Stepmiles may advise you on using pay per click for certain keywords that are within your budget and meet your return on investment goals, while using search engine positioning to optimize your website for the more expensive keywords which will bring you the rich benefits of the organic search engine results.

Each day more and more companies ranging from small businesses to fortune 500 corporations are using pay per click bid management to drive targeted traffic to their web sites and to quickly appear in the top positions on the search engine results pages.

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