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Despite the common belief, search engine marketing refers to both advertising and optimization methods.
To most marketers, the internet advertising is to have control over your position, keywords, listing copy and visitors landing pages while the optimization requires designing a web site that can be easily crawled, indexed and well ranked by Yahoo, MSN, Google and the others.
Here is a summary of the different types of SEM services.

Search Engine Advertising

This type of advertising includes the Paid for Placement (PFP, also simplified to Pay-per-Click) programs and contextual advertising. By paying your guaranteed a placement on the result pages of the search site and within its distribution network.
The main key factors of such advertising are:

Paid submission for Directories

Actually the paid submission applies to directories. This marketing program implies that the website owners pay for a human based review of their sites. The inclusion is not always guaranteed. Your site is usually included in 7 to 14 days depending on the directory.
If for example you want to be listed in the Yahoo! directory the cost will be a $299, non refundable for an express listing within 7 days.
Keys to success for a paid inclusion:

Search Engine Optimization marketing

The organic, natural results, the search engine optimization is about designing and creating a spider-friendly website to maximize the odds to appear on the top result pages for the chosen keywords - key phrases. It is a science of key-words placement, content enhancement, site structure and link popularity campaign to reach a top ranking. Although we've had super-fast result in the past, it will usually take a few months for the optimization process to achieve its goal. The search engine optimization has been often forgotten by business developers but is the major asset of a search engine marketing campaign.
The basic of an SEO campaign:

Aggregators Marketing

The price engines, also called aggregators make it easier for the online shoppers to find information about products and associated prices. Famous on the US market are: Bizrate, PriceGrabber, Dealtime, Yahoo! Shopping and Froogle (Google), they offer a broad range of pricing and features.
To maximize your chances of success:

Developing a website, a product or a brand is a risky business, and it is not the time for mistakes. For your search engine marketing campaign, as a business owner or a marketing specialist you should consider implementing the best practices on the market and make sure that all your efforts are going towards success.

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