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In today's market Search Engine Positioning and optimization service are being applied by more and more online businesses, and to stay competitive website owners are using effective natural SEO strategies. The ease with which potential customers can find you among the growing number of competitors is a crucial factor for the success of an e-business.

It is a common belief that for a website to be successful it must attract the highest number of visitors. But what if those visitors are not your potential customers? At Stepmiles we are developing online marketing strategies to drive the right traffic and bring you potential customers .

Steps to a better website search engine positioning

  • Step 1 - SEO Keyword analysis
  • Our in-depth keyword market analysis report includes information about market competitiveness and opportunities for your online business. This report is established per search engine, and will include a free overview of your pay per click competitors and their investment per visitor.

  • Step 2 - Competitive analysis
  • Our competitive analysis will identify the appropriate methods and tactics to position your company's products or services ahead of the competition.

  • Step 3 - Content enhancement
  • Search Engine Optimization is about content. If your web site offers good, unique, fresh content - you're going towards a successful search engine positioning. Content enhancement usually entails creating new pages that are optimized for your target market and updating your actual pages.

  • Step 4 - Code compliance
  • Search engines see your web page with totally different eyes than web surfers. A web site that looks great to the human eye might be totally meaningless to the search engines. We will ensure that your site meets the requirements to achieve your goals.

  • Step 5 - Link popularity
  • Reciprocal links add value to your web site, and you'll get targeted traffic from clicks on your links located at other web sites.
    Also, a well managed link popularity campaign is a very important factor for a success with Google. Other engines such as MSN, HotBot, AltaVista, Inktomi and more use link popularity in their formulae also.

  • Step 6 - Search engines and Directories submission
  • We also offer manual submission to all major engines, directories and industry-specific sites if applicable for a top positioning. Our semi-automatic data feed to minor engines will ensure a maximum web site visibility.

  • Step 7 - Monthly maintenance and reporting
  • Stepmiles provides monthly post-search engine positioning service optimization and ranking reports, re-optimization as needed to stay current with new algorithms and link popularity tracking and development.

    A search engine positioning service is more than a simple meta tags optimization

    There is a big difference between creating Meta tags and optimizing your site for high rankings by a professional search engine placement service. A professional SEO firm works towards writing keyword rich content pages that are still interesting to read for the online visitors. It enhances the specific areas that search engine algorithms are looking for and proactively develops off page link popularity strategy that helps improve websites ranking and promote the client's business to a specific market.
    Typically, only qualified and experienced search engine positioning consulting services can optimize a website for high rankings.

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