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The importance of search engine positioning for the life of an online business is crucial, a few basic SEO tips will help you improve your ranking. Being ranked over position twenty on the result page basically means no organic traffic. SEO firm Stepmiles developed this topic to help you understand what are the basic factors to influence your ranking, they will bring you closer to your goal.

Keywords, pick your target keywords !

Know about your target market, what do your prospects type on the search engines page when they are looking for your products or services, what keywords or key phrases do they use. Each page of your website should target a different keyword that truly reflect its content.
When optimizing a site for a better search engine position do not bid on one word keywords, instead choose 2 or more words long key phrases. They will be more targeted and relevant than a single word and you will have a better chance to succeed.

Keyword positioning that influence search engines

There are crucial locations on a page where your keywords should appear. The title is the most important of all because it is supposed to reflect the theme of the page. Without a relevant title tag there is little chance to rank well a page. Think about it, how many sites use "welcome" as title for their homepage? Probably as many as the ones using their own business name in this area, but unless your company name is also the product or service that you intend to sell, it is not relevant for the search engine crawling your website.

Search engines also give more importance to keywords that appear high on a page. We are not talking here about what the internet user can see through his browser because search engines read the code so being more specific keywords should be close to the beginning of the body tag. Tables and Javascripts may lower key phrases on a web page, it may be good to use cascading style sheets to control the position of your text in the code while freeing your design for marketing needs.

Just don't spam, it doesn't work for SEO

Most search engines were victim of spam and now penalize websites that misconduct. The common behavior of a spammer is over submitting, this won't get a site being indexed faster. Spending time building relevant links to your website will help.

Keyword stuffing is another dubious technique. Stuffing the title, meta keywords and description, comment tags is just a pure waste of time. Especially on a competitive market you won't get a reasonable ranking using this tactic. Plus your page may look a bit goofy to your visitors.
Repeating keyword over and over again does not work as well. The rapid enhancement of search engine algorithms made them spam killers. A search engine spider that reads the same repeated word or sentence will just penalize your page or even your whole website. Major search engines are now catching most spam techniques. You migh want to take this search engine positioning tip seriously and please read carefully our choose an SEO firm for more details about what not to use for your search engine positioning campaign.

Write good and relevant content

When the rest of a page has nothing to do with the targeted keywords, you can use any density, most of the time you won't fool the search engines. A good optimized page is a fresh content relevant web page. Write pages for your visitors first not for the search engines because they will both appreciate the effort. Write your copy as naturally as possible but be sure that your text HTML can be spidered and appears in the crucial areas is the best basic advice we can give.

Build your link popularity to improve your rankings

Every major search engine uses link analysis as part of their ranking algorithms.  Link analysis gives search engines a useful means of determining which pages are popular and therefore good for particular topics. Not only the number of incoming links is important but also the text of those links and the relevancy of the website pointing to you. For most competitive terms and especially on Google search engine it is now almost impossible to get a top 5 positioning without a link building strategy.

Positioning a website on the 1st page of the major top search engines usually requires much more than those basic recommendations and tips. You might want to ask our SEO specialists about it. As an ethical SEO practitioner, we follow Search engine positioning guidelines that will never put your website visibility at stake.

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