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You have probably heard of companies and software that offer thousands of search engine submissions. There simply aren't that many online areas that can provide you with a relevant traffic. Most of the sites included in such advertisements will not even provide you with one single click. To a certain degree, adding your site to all of them may even harm your online strategy. Only the major search engines and directories will bring you a significant traffic and the results you want. However, it is not recommended to submit your site unless it is fully optimized.

Many people think that a submission campaign simply entails registering your main URL, but this is only one small step towards getting the desired results. An effective submission campaign requires registering all of your site's content that can stand on its own. An important part of the submission strategy is submitting to directories - and we work with you to identify all of your content that can stand on its own.

Search engines and automated submission

Most search engines dislike when a site's submissions are done with automated submission tools. Usually, the makers of most search engine submission tools are not quite concerned with the search engines’ specific rules and requirements - instead they aim at listing to as many engines as possible, thus they favor quantity, not quality. In addition, they access the search engine submission tools result pages directly without going to the proper page of the search engine.

The result is that search engines receive a lot of spam from such mass submission tools. You can be sure that your submission will be ignored if a search engine finds out that you used such a tool to submit your site.

Hosted submission services

Online submission services are very similar to automated desktop based solutions except that they are hosted on the provider's servers. Exactly like an automated submission tool on your computer they try to simulate a human behavior but usually fail to do so.
However, some services are clearly better than others and those who advertise hundreds of thousands of submissions should be avoided.
Search Engine Submission is the process of notifying a search engine that you want your site indexed and listed. Every engine and directory is different but the major players on the market can easily recognize a manual submission - Google, MSN, Yahoo employ some of the finest information technology engineers - and they could eventually give it more importance.

Stepmiles submits manually your web site to the major search engines, directories, special interest sites and other ethical and trusted networks which will send you very targeted visitors. In addition, the link popularity of your web site will be increased because these sites link to you. A good search engine submission is always one that is built upon of the basics of your internet marketing campaign.

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