How to Minimize your shopping cart abandonment rate

Web analytics industry research works towards minimizing the shopping cart abandonment. The online shoppers abandon the checkout process by up to 75% according to a survey by Bizrate and the NPD group. This means that Majority of online consumers starts the purchasing process, but leave before completing their purchase.
A large number of factors influence this statistic including shorter the checkout process which appears to be the obvious solution for most companies but from the experience we have learned that other factors are at least as important. So here are a few tips from the professional web analyzers at Stepmiles search engine marketing firm to help you improving your shopping cart abandonment rate.

Each website is unique, those tips provide what works best to minimize shopping cart abandonment but result may vary depending on your industry and product or services. Please consult our web analytics consultants to know more about the best practices to improve your conversion rates.

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Minimize your shopping cart abandonment

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