This tool, the ROI calculator determines your return on investment based on a pay-per-click campaign. Detailed information about how to use this tool and the input information required are at the bottom of the page.

  • Total monthly clicks from the pay per click engine : This information is available when you log on your advertiser account. Input your last month result for example, to calculate your last month ROI, input you next month predict for an estimate of your next month return on investment.
  • Estimated average Cost Per Click (CPC) : is the amount that you are charged for each click on your ad.
  • Conversion rate : is the number of visitors driven by your ads, that will convert into customers. This number varies depending on your advertisement tactics, copywriting skills, market segment, bid price and ads network. In most case your conversion rate will be between 1 and 7 percent.
  • Profit per conversion : is the profit you make for each sale on your website.