Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over search

From RankBrain to Cloud Vision API and the Google Brain Project, Google has been incorporating AI more and more in various aspects of search, even building an AI which is better than humans at building AI. In effect, Google’s engineers are now primarily involved in programming machine-learning algos and have less insights into search results predictions.

Should AI’s replacing humans in interpreting search queries make SEO optimization specialists nervous? In the long run optimizing for AI would be the same as optimizing for humans, given Google’s machine-learning algorithm goal to interpret and process human searches.

Certainly, using AI to process search queries as part of the Google algorithm is not without flaws. Limitations of the machine-learning include finding best solutions, confusing correlation with causation and connecting unrelated items, among other examples. So, with the progressive adoption of AI by search engines, it is natural to expect search results to look less predictable.

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