Cross-channel POV (series): combining Google & Facebook

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When it comes to digital ad spend, revenue growth and customer journey moments, Google and Facebook are still the dominating duo. In 2017 Facebook and Google drove digital ad spend to exceed TV ad spend, per data from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). But this exponential growth does automatically mean easy ROI for brands.

To take full advantage of Facebook and Google, marketers must assess the strengths, differences and unique opportunities of each channel and create custom, cross-channel strategies for their brands.

Based on our data insights over the past 2 years period, Stepmiles advises businesses to strategically align their campaign objectives, messaging, and data across channels. Also, brands should embrace the cross-channel approach (vs isolated channel view) if they want superior opportunities for growth and better advertising ROI.

Our data campaigns analysis informs that coordinated efforts across platforms improve clicks, conversions and revenue. For instance, Google’s search intent information enhances Facebook’s sequential advertising. Also, users who click on both search and social ads get nearly double conversion rates vs those who click only on search. CTR quadruples when users click both on search and social ads, vs only on social ad. Revenue from combined cross-channel ads nearly doubles.

For brands who stick to the isolated approach, should be aware of the weaknesses that result from it, including:

  • Inconsistent messaging with mixed, non-sequential, less targeted signals
  • Bombarding users with messaging from both channels, simultaneously
  • Inaccurate conversion attribution
  • Double-counting of conversions
  • Lack of continuing of communication
  • Inefficient channel budget allocation
  • Weaker or skewed insights for decision-making
  • Only partial view of the customers’ journeys

With the clearly superior cross-channel approach, marketers leverage Search and Social insights and create synergies. That is not to say that each channel does not get its necessary attention. But to maximize performance, the cross-channel strategies will add value and deliver incremental ROI. In our series of articles titled “Cross-channel POV”, Stepmiles’ consultants will cover some of the vital steps and guide marketers to taking a holistic approach to optimizing the entire customers’ journeys.


Sources: Stepmiles insights and clients’ success database

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