Facebook tests ads in its search results

Earlier this week, Facebook revealed that it is testing ads in its search results (primary), and Marketplace. Placing search ads in Facebook’s search results has been part of social media’s unexploited potential for some time now. The initial test is available only to a selection of retail and car advertisers, as Facebook is evaluating the potential of the opportunity.

For advertisers who are part of this test group when selecting the “Search Results” option, their ads will target both search and Marketplace search inventory of keywords related to retail or auto topics. However, at this stage (beta), advertisers will not be able to select specific keywords or phrases of their choice.

Initially, Facebook is launching the test in the U.S. and Canada. The test is available for carousel ads, besides static image ads. Video is not supported at this time. These beta search ads have a tag labeled “sponsored”, as well as some transparency controls. SEM pros remain curious to learn more details concerning the results of this test.

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