Google testing video ads

There is no question about it, video is one of the hottest trends on the internet and leading search engine Google knows it. The Mountain View firm already holds a large portion of market shares through PPC (Pay-Per-Click) system and introduced image ads on the market recently as well.

High speed internet connections make of this new experiment a very attractive opportunity for marketer to spend their advertising dollars. The all-in-one media is on the rise and while the competition with giant software company Microsoft and Yahoo is increasing, Google plays out of its experience in the search industry and reach over major online advertisers to keep on leading its way one step ahead.

How are Google video ads supposed to work for advetisers?

Video advertisement will be rolled out on the Adsense network in the first place. Advertisers will compete for placement on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand (CPM) model.
To those who may think that video ads are going to be for big brands only the California based company would retort that such features as their Geo IP targeting system (Ad delivery based on viewers IP address) will give a chance to small and medium businesses to reach their market locally as well.

Another intrusion into the consumer’s internet browsing session?

One may wonder how the basic consumer will react over to these videos. When it comes to interactivity the internet advertising world is already full of popups, flash banners and other animated Gifs which objectives is sometimes difficult to determine when it comes to distinguish whether they are about generating targeted leads or broad traffic without distinction of any kind.

Google videos do seem not to be as intrusive as preceding multimedia attempts, users will first see a static image in the format of a player, they will have to click first to initiate the video and can pause or stop the video at anytime if they choose to.
Overall, the concept is not new, but Google’s market reach in the search world is outstanding. Marketers could very likely cease this opportunity to communicate even better and consumers would potentially click more intelligently.

The bottom line is that Google labs, through these new Google video ads of theirs will keep the company once again once step ahead of the competition when it comes to innovation and attracting advertising dollars.

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