MSN AdCenter disclosed

The next generation pay per click by Software giant Microsoft has a name: AdCenter. Search engine MSN is still displaying Yahoo’s Overture paid results but the partnership ends in June 2005. It would not be surprising to see the new MSN adCenter results before this date in United States and beta tests were launched this week in Singapore and France.
Once again Microsoft’s target are competitors Yahoo and Google and is promising extended features for advertisers. Companies willing to use the MSN pay per click engine will be able to target their audience as never before, marketing tools will feature gender recognition, age segment, possibly lifestyle and of course geographical location which is already successfully implemented in the organic search results.

AdCenter will also compete with keyword research leader Wordtracker, a research service gathering information from number of meta-engines and offering comprehensible data to marketers.

Microsoft is aiming there the lack of accuracy Overture suggestion tool and the lack of number of searches in Google adwords tools. Online marketing intelligence should help advertisers understanding their market. Still Redmond’s software giant explained that no privacy rules will be at stake, data collected is totally anonymous.
The paid search engine result industry is growing bigger and is expected to increase by 60% to reach more than $10 billion by 2008. Both Google and Overture are claiming to reach nearly 90% of the searchers online, a juicy market where MSN could find its way.
European leader E-spotting, already badly hurt by Overture market share and second tier PPC engines such as Findwhat and Enhance will have the choice to surrender or being absorbed.

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