MSN Search Toolbar Tabbed Browsing

Last week, Microsoft came up an updated version of its toolbar, the MSN Search Toolbar. It has tabbed browsing which helps users to browse the Web easier with the Internet Explorer. This new feature of tabbed browsing makes MSN a pioneer in the application of tabbed browsing in toolbars.

Recently, MSN promised that they will be offering tabbed browsing for the toolbar soon. Now, this new functionality is available. The tabbed browsing feature can be considered as an upgrade which allows users to open more than one internet website in multiple windows. Each of these windows has a tab on the top, below the menu bar. The goal is to make switching among pages much more simple for users. This adds to the improved functionality of the MSN tool which was recently improved anyway.

What’s behind this new feature? It’s the idea to help users find things easily.
The new feature will allow users to save multiple of tabs in the ‘My tabs’ section. The frequently browsed sites URLs can be saved and when the user opens a browser, these sites will automatically show in the tabs. “My tabs” can be modified by each user, according to his or her preference.

The MSN Search Toolbar is already available for download for new users. The current MSN Toolbar users will get the tabbed browsing installed automatically. What can we expect after that? Certainly, frequent updates and upgrades as new and improved features become available for users. In the next rollouts we may see much more functionalities and improvements in allowing user get more access to different areas and files.

In addition to the end-user version, Microsoft may be creating a corporate toolbar. This new Search Toolbar will differ from the one just described above. The business version is aimed at businesses with large networks and many machines. The MSN corporate search toolbar will allow companies IT personnel to install it on all or any of their machines. It will provide the option to customize search files, drives, directories, internet sites and more. It will allow for restrictions on access to certain areas and MNS services which the employer may not feel comfortable with its employees using them. An example of such possible limitations on the ability of employees to use certain areas at will is possibility to restrict the usage of the MSN messenger. There will be other possible limitations and restriction that administrators can implement if they choose to.
The business version of the MSN Search Toolbar is not available yet, but it will be available in a Beta version, soon.

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