New AdWords tools for Youtube Advertisers

As announced at the Cannes Lions Festival, the YouTube creative suite has the following new tools: Video Experiments, Video Creative Analytics, Director Mix and Video Ad Sequencing. Currently in beta, Youtube’s new creative suite will allow advertisers to test and measure different creative elements of their video ads.

With Video Experiments, advertisers will test video material in simulated environments on YouTube and get deeper insights into their creatives, brand lift, brand awareness, consideration and purchase intent. Scheduled to launch later in June, this Google tool will to run better segmented ads, at same cost as other advertisement.

Video Creative Analytics will provide an audience segmentation metric to indicate effectiveness of video ad creative across audience segments. Phase 2, later in 2018, will show what percent of the audience saw key creative elements of the video ad such as image, logo and annotations will help measure the influence of different creative elements on overall campaign performance and plan optimizations.

With the Director Mix (currently in alpha), you can customize text, image, video and sound, run versions with different combination of these elements and measure performance. A very useful feature to improve efficiency, as well.

Video Ad Sequencing caught 20th Century Fox attention and they are testing and using it to promote films. In essence, the tool lets advertisers run series of video ads in a sequence to tell stories that match different stages of the customers journeys.

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