New Google My Business API Release

Google My Business releases its API update v4.3 which includes read and respond to users Q&A, identifying unclaimed locations and bulk reading reviews. It also allows reporting of location issues, notifications for organization accounts and location groups.

The new features help businesses and agencies manage multiple locations. With the API developers are able to build their own tools to retrieve and track relevant information and identify potential issues and opportunities, such as customer questions in Q&As.

The new version 4.3 also includes Service Enum for PriceList sections to help identify PriceList section containing Food items or Services provided, Media Description (provide a caption when uploading new media), CHAINS_QUERIES Insights to retrieve how many times locations appear in the results of a search query for a given chain, as well as ListLocations for Org Account and Location Groups (accounts.locations.list with a User Group or Organization account).

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