Personalization, a human and AI joint effort driving brand loyalty

Robot painting loyalty and love for customer

Personalizing customer experiences along their journey has become main focus of both human creativity and Artificial Intelligence based automation. The result has is boost in brand loyalty across channels. With personalized offers, brands have been able to generated more sales both online and onsite.

With the proliferation of data, the challenge has been how to gain real customer intelligence and actionable insights that will make a difference when it comes to marketing messaging as well as targeting. Beyond personalized greetings, audiences expect more relevant ads and emails across platforms and devices, both online and offline.

Accuracy and timeliness are critical to personalization. But with Artificial Intelligence stepping in, advances at scale are made achieved. AI also makes scale possible, as well as analyzing robust data that helps marketers understand customers, interactions and behavior across devices and social media and online channels. The future of collaboration of humans and AI looks like this: humans will remain the pilots when it comes to strategy and creativity, and AI takes control of the analytics, process and production of customized content.

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