SEO basics for mobile-first indexing era

As Google fully rolls out mobile-first indexing, let’s look at some SEO basics for optimizing content and on-page factors. The goal is to ensure that your site is optimized for mobile. Regardless of whether someone searches on a desktop or mobile device, Google queries your mobile content for both results.

First, make it a habit to monitor Google’s crawl activity. By doing so, observe search bots’ behavior as they access and crawl your site. You’ll get notified of any amplified activity from smartphone vs desktop. Use the analysis to identify and resolve any potential issues.

Next, focus on the mobile user journey. Leverage data-driven strategies and engagement tactics to meet consumer demand at every micro-moment. Understand intent signals and incorporate them into your content strategy.

Generally, your content strategy must be tailored to mobile. That may involve using progressive web apps for faster experience and quicker goal achievement required on mobile. Leverage data to locate demand and create winning strategies based on it.

There is also the technical aspect of the preparation for mobile-first indexing era. This includes, structured data markup, robots.txt addition and hreflang tags pointing to mobile url version, speed test and improving user experience.

Also, measure the success and effectiveness of your content to identify what contributes to awareness, conversion and retention. Your attribution model will make a difference but also some new metrics may emerge in the process of evaluation. For example, CLV (customer lifetime value) insights will help dive deeper into the audience. The goal – understanding what consumer really wants and deliver it to them in a mobile-first era.

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