Windows Live Search : The new Microsoft search engine

The software giant unveiled, earlier this week, its plans to launch Windows live Search, a new generation of search engine next summer. Windows Live ( can already be tested but still is at a beta stage.
Microsoft Windows live is planned to feature very exciting and practical tools to personalize and organize your searches as if it was a simple desktop application. This is basically where Bill Gates? firm and competitor Google have a radically different philosophy: MS is about providing tools so you can organize yourself while Google organizes the world for you so far.
The new search portal would replace the current MSN and improve user experience and usability to adapt any audience from the computer literate to the casual internet user.
You can created you personalized portal, add RSS feeds or customize search results on the fly at ease.
All of this being said, Microsoft did not reveal yet how this new portal will be integrated in their new operating system Windows Vista which will be launched right after the portal. From these tools already visible online we could assume that the Redmond company plans on increasing the interactivity between their operating system and related softwares such as their office pack and their portal.

Since MSN started building its own search engine last year, its market share compared to Google and Yahoo was stagnant for the least despites a fairly good algorithm producing relevant search results for most queries.
The search results relevancy is a hot subject, Google being the most accurate followed now closely (more or less) by MSN. For that matter Neil Holloway, MS president for the Europe region said that they will launch a new search engine to compete directly with Google as far as quality within 6 months. This is to be more than welcome by most SEO?s and other search marketers if the market share moves accordingly, since some may find difficult to rely only on Google?s current supremacy. However quality of search is not the only path to success, the new portal will require a serious branding campaign in addition.

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